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The Grand Circle - Page, Arizona

The Grand Circle - Page, Arizona

Our 4th stop on the Grand Circle road trip: Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Powell is a man made reservoir on the Colorado River. It is situated along the border of Arizona and Utah and is the 2nd largest man-made reservoir, following Nevada's Lake Mead. It is a National Park and considered a major vacation spot, offering a plethora of activities and fun-filled experiences. 

While visiting, we were able to catch the sunset at the Wahweap Marina followed by some Texan style BBQ at Big Johns ( which hit the spot just right after a long day of exploration. 

Page, Arizona is right on the border between the Mountain and Pacific Time Zone; account this into your itinerary when booking things to do as it could throw off some of your plans. Page, Arizona observes Mountain Time Zone, which is the same as the Grand Canyon. However, right outside of Page there are areas that do not observe daylight savings so the actual time can get a little confusing if you aren't anticipating the change. 

When visiting Page, spend at least 2 - 3 days to fully experience the area. 

May I suggest:

-Renting a Houseboat:: 

-Watersports: Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Wake Boarding, Water Skiing, etc.

-Boat Tour to the Rainbow Bridge National Monument

-Glen Canyon Dam and Recreation Center

-Hiking along the Canyon:

The Grand Circle - Lower Antelope Canyon

The Grand Circle - Lower Antelope Canyon

The Grand Circle - Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

The Grand Circle - Horseshoe Bend, Arizona