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The Grand Circle - Sedona, Arizona

The Grand Circle - Sedona, Arizona


This is the greatest scenic Road Trip in the US. 

When I was 7 years old, my parents and I took a trip to Northern Arizona to witness the glorious sandstone formations of the Continental Southwest. As it proved to be one of my most memorable trips growing up, it seemed only appropriate to return in my adult life. Thus, giving birth to the Grand Circle road trip. 

Leaving from Las Vegas, our first destination of the trip: Sedona, Arizona. 

Sedona, Arizona is a spiritual place, known for its red rocks and energy vortexes. One of the most magnificent sites of Sedona are the red rocks at sunset, magnified by the bright pink, red, and orange hues. It certainly is an experience not to be missed and a must see during the Grand Circle road trip. 


One of my favorite memories of visiting Sedona was off-roading in a Pink Jeep. On this trip, we decided to make the upgrade to a Red Jeep tour led by an authentic Cowboy (at least by my definition.)  The Red Rock Jeep Tour provided countless thrills and breathtaking views of backcountry Sedona. Check out for more information. 

After a relaxing day exploring Sedona, we decided to stop for the night in the nearby town of Flagstaff, where hotels are more reasonably priced. This also puts you half way between Sedona and The Grand Canyon - Stop #2 on the Grand Circle Southwest road trip.

May I suggest - other ideas while visiting Sedona:

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- Sedona ATV Tours: http://www.atvsedona.com

- Out of Africa Wildlife Park: 


The Grand Circle - The Grand Canyon

The Grand Circle - The Grand Canyon

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