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Road Tripping through Norway

Road Tripping through Norway

Welcome to my favorite leg of our tour of Norway - our road trip from Alesund to Trondheim! What an incredible journey this was and something I definitely hope to return to do in the future, especially now that we have our son, Graham. 

I've decided to include 5 highlights from our road trip starting with our first stop and maybe my favorite place I've ever visited: Geirangerfjord.

Geirangerfjord: located in the Sunnemore region, this UNESCO-protected fjord is characterized by it's deep blue waters surrounded by snow covered mountains, cascading waterfalls and the freshest air imaginable. It's almost as if you've stepped into a Disney fairytale. We stayed in a cabin at the edge of the water at a place called Geirangerfjorden Feriesenter, which was absolutely amazing and an excellent selection if you plan travel by camper through Norway. We enjoyed the sights of Geirangerfjord for a total of two days but in my opinion more time would have been enjoyable especially due to our comfy accommodations and many options for day trips which we were unable to take advantage of due to time. 


Geirangerfjord Day Hike: During our one full day in Geirangerfjord we decided to hike the Homlong trail which we accessed by boat (which you can catch by way of Geirangerfjorden Feriesenter.) The hike took us up the side of the mountain directly across from the world renowned seven sisters waterfall, past Skagefla Farm and over the mountain into the town of Geiranger. We were told that the hike would take us about 3 hours by a local but in reality it took us around 8 hours from start to finish. However, it was spectacular and served as my favorite hike during our trip to Norway. My friend Bailey even braided our hair for the hike as pictured below. She has a really awesome fashion and fitness blog so if you are into finding cool products and how to stay fit be sure to check out her page here.


Geirangerfjord to Trondheim: After a few days in Geirangerfjord we hit the road and traveled just over 200 miles to Trondheim. Along the way we were able to see so many diverse landscapes. If you are planning to visit Norway I would definitely recommend fitting in a road trip at some point. It's such an excellent way to fully immerse yourself, meet some locals, and see so many beautiful sights. Here are the last three highlights we experienced on our way to Trondheim. 

Juvet: If you have ever seen the movie Ex Machina you may be familiar with the gorgeous landscape featured throughout the movie and thought "that place looks like heaven." Well good news, you can stay where the movie was filmed in the Valldal Valley at the Juvet Landscape Hotel! We stopped by to visit the hotel and the surrounding area did not disappoint. If you stay at the hotel be sure to plan time to enjoy the spa, share a communal style meal in the old cow barn, and soak in the hot tub which overlooks the river as pictured below. 


Trollstigen and Trollveggen: After visiting Juvet we made our way through the valley to Trollstigen aka Troll road. I was extremely nervous leading up to the trip that we would have to skip this portion as when we arrived to Norway they had a part of the mountain which was still under snow and at risk for an avalanche which meant the Troll Road was closed. However, just a few days before we were scheduled to go, the snow cleared and this area was open, phew! After driving down the twisty turvy road we headed towards Andalsnes and stumbled upon the most beautiful flower field. Of course I had to play in the flower field for a good amount of time and then we drove to Trollveggen aka Troll Wall which is Europe's tallest vertical mountain and a popular destination for climbers. It was surprisingly very neat. 


Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park: The last highlight of our road trip was the hike to Viewpoint Snøhetta, which is also referred to as the National Reindeer Centre Pavilion, at Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park. This hike was especially tempting because it gave us the possibility to spot reindeer and musk ox. While we weren't lucky enough to see any reindeer we were able to spot several muskox from the road!  The hike, however, was just as satisfying without the animal encounters. Hopefully if you choose to go here you'll have more luck than we did because if you are going to see reindeer this is one of the best places to do it (at least that's what I found while researching for the trip.)


We ended the day in Trondheim but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, mostly due to exhaustion. Next we are headed to the Lofoten Islands so stay tuned!

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